We work with employers

to engage their employees in a 16-week program.

Measure Metabolic Rate at Rest
Measure Body Composition
Health Coaching on 12 Behavioral Goals

(stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.)

Tried and True Approach to Better Health

A holistic method to weight loss that fully engages participants

Target metabolism

Is an individual’s metabolism slow? Is it fast? Many of participants thought they knew the answer … but were surprised with the results.

On Target Health measures and continuously monitors participants’ metabolism rates. By doing this, we empower the individual with knowledge about their
specific body so they can truly succeed.

Metabolism is measured using FDA-approved equipment called indirect calorimetry. It is consistently accurate so that participants can achieve the results they crave.

Body composition

On Target Health calculates weight loss by measuring change in body composition (fat vs. lean muscle vs. water) not the scale. The scale can be very misleading – it does not
communicate the type of weight loss.

We use a revolutionary piece of technology called BOD POD™ to measure participant’s body composition every two weeks.

By ensuring the team focuses on fatty tissue, rather than water or lean muscle, participants’ overall health is improved. Reductions in fatty tissue reduces inflammation
and illness. When the employer’s community of participants overall health improves, healthcare costs shrink.

Small-group meetings

In small group settings every 2 weeks, On Target Health teaches participants something new about weight loss and how their body truly works.

The group meetings encourage dialog, mutual support and problem/resolution tactics for positive life habits. We systematically aid them in establishing better
behaviors to lose fat and maintain their newfound health.

Behavior change

On Target Health systematically aids participants in changing important life habits so that the fatty tissue they lose during this 6 month program truly stays off.

We focus on 8 life behavior goals that include:

  • How much sleep do they get every night?
  • Do they have any balance in their life?
  • Are they skilled at effectively managing stress?
  • What levels of exercise do the have? High, Medium, Low or none?
  • Are they eating a well balanced diet with good nutritional value?
  • And several others


The LeanPix brand body composition and metabolism measurement and testing is a revolutionary
technology used by On Target Health to measure the ratio of lean tissue (such as muscle) to fatty tissue.

With the results from the LeanPix brand measurement and testing services,
On Target Health designs a personalized LeanPix brand weight loss program for
each participant so they can improve their health and wellness.



78% of participants have sustained their
new body composition after 1 year.


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