About us

The Problem

Healthcare Costs are Skyrocketing

50% of corporate profits go to healthcare as the US medical system practices “sick care” vs. health care”

Obesity Drives Disease

… and increases healthcare costs. Though controllable, it impacts more and more people yearly.

Existing Wellness Programs Are Broken

People need an intervention that works

On Target Health launched with a mission to deliver improved health outcomes.

With many years of experience in the healthcare industry, co-founders Beth Thompson and Todd Foushee knew there was a better way to provide long-term wellness to individuals. They realized that the best way to deliver solutions was to partner with like-minded companies that wanted their employees to enjoy fuller lives – in and outside work. In addition to lower healthcare costs, a happy, healthy employee attracts positive customer and co-worker interactions for superior performance.

We achieve results through our targeted weight loss and obesity program.

  • With committed support of our Health Coaches, we are able to deliver dramatic health improvements for participants.
  • As individuals achieve success, employers attain huge ROI – and happier employees.
  • With our patented, algorithm approach, employees lose the right weight and gain health and vitality.

Our Core Values

Restore employee health and vibrancy while lowering healthcare costs

Health = Wealth

We believe that a person’s health is the cornerstone to their happiness and ability to live a more productive life. Wellness positively impacts everything we do at work, home and play.

Devotion to Vitality

We are devoted to helping each participant embrace exuberant physical, emotional and mental strength. By engaging with people on a one-to-one, personalized basis we are better able to help them achieve the success they desire.

Delivering Value

We are committed to ensuring that every minute and every dollar invested in your wellness program delivers value. Value for the individual in better wellness. Value for the company in happier employees and lower healthcare costs.

We are a Wellness Company that offers a unique approach for losing the right weight. We restore an employee’s health and vibrancy.

Our Dedicated

Leadership Team

Todd Foushee

Todd Foushee

Todd is CEO and President of On Target Health. His 30+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry give him practical insight into how companies can best support employees in their journey to life-long wellness.

He is constantly moved by the devotion he sees in others and how the dedication of just one person can positively impact the life of others.

His motto – “Show up fully present in the moment.” Our prospects and clients are telling us they need engaging solutions where results can be measured.

Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson

Beth is Founder and COO of On Target Health. With her 25+ years’ experience in healthcare, Beth developed the core, patented approach utilized by the organization and helps shape it’s mission of wellness.

Born from frustration over the lack of concrete, systematic approaches for battling health issues resulting from obesity, she developed the OTH approach as a corporate health offering.

Her motto – “ Always end on a make.” First used by Beth on the basketball court, it means always leave the court successfully; never leave it on a missed basket. But since then, it has become a motto for many of her life experiences to include helping people, and building a business.

Erik Young

Erik Young

Erik is a Partner and Strategy Officer for On Target Health. Erik is a practitioner in operations, strategy and Lean Six Sigma operations, focusing on high growth, entrepreneurial companies.

His motto – “The supreme quality for leadership unquestionably is integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Unique approach to weight management

Employees lose the right weight using our patented method and trade secret algorithm

Patented Methods

Body composition and metabolic measurements coupled with behavioral coaching sessions


Proprietary algorithms precisely define target calories and danger zone for each participant

Connecting the Dots

The OTH program integrates with existing benefit plans and worksite wellness programs


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