A clear path for employee weight management

Invest in your company’s greatest asset – your people – by partnering with On Target Health.

We deliver a wellness program that offers a unique approach to losing the right weight so that you can help your employees be their very best at work, home or play.

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Our Purpose

Restore employee health and vibrancy while lowering healthcare costs

Targeted Obesity Program

We engage each participant with a personalized weight loss plan to that fits their life and lifestyle goals.

Dramatic Health Improvement

With our patented method and proprietary algorithm, participants lose the right weight and improve health and gain vitality.

Measurable ROI for Employers

We help employers lower healthcare costs by focusing on weight as the “root cause” of health conditions.

Step-by-step, our results speak for themselves

Proven results for fuller lives


Sustain new body composition


Improve risk profile


Successfully complete program

Average Employer ROI

What people are saying

about how their lives have dramatically improved:



“The On Target Health program is simple, sustainable and contagious. My successful results have inspired others including my wife, co-workers and friends. I’m grateful to my employer for offering this program, and to all the employees of On Target Health for their support on my journey.”

Helping companies like yours lower healthcare costs

by addressing the root causes of diseases

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